"O Captain! my Captain!" 

Wilson Library staff members take a moment to honor Robin Williams’s life and to remember his time in the Grand Reading Room, during the filming of Patch Adams.  

Image Two: The Filming of the Motion Picture Patch Adams, 2 June 1998, in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library Photographic Services Photographs #P0087, North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives.

Staff at Wilson Library at UNC-CH take a moment to remember Robin Williams who filmed parts of his movie ‘Patch Adams’ there

a southern dream of summer

a southern dream of summer

open your windows

let the raindrops

lull you to sleep

inhale the scent

of far off waters

coming to seek a wet sojourn

tropical storms

traipsing through your town

towering trees left behind

revealing a kaleidoscope of verdant hues

hot, moist air clinging to you

like an enveloped cloak

refusing the entrance of a cool breeze

to bring an end to its infernal onslaught

stormy sand dunes


the soles of our penitent pilgrim flesh

as we make our seasonal pilgrimage

to view the endless crashing of waves

a reminder

that this dream of a summer

will all too soon wane

into autumn’s glorious

tumble of leaves